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About Us

Squared Away Logistics is a federally regulated motor carrier that is women and minority-owned transportation company. We specialize in general freight transportation, while servicing large suppliers, and maintaining safety protocol for all drivers and others on the road. Our company has been operating for 4.5 yrs and has previously worked with Amazon, UPS, and CMC which provides us the experience working with bigger Shipping companies and conducting similar jobs.


Our experience in these specific areas of general freight trucking reflects our commitment to delivering your cargo with care, precision, and reliability, no matter the size or scope of the shipment.

Pick up and delivery

We excel in the efficient pick-up and delivery of various types of cargo, ensuring timely and secure transportation between locations.

Local Freight Transportation

Our local freight services are designed to meet the specific needs of businesses and individuals within our operating regions, providing reliable and timely deliveries.

Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Services:

For smaller shipments, we offer LTL services, allowing businesses to share space on our trucks, reducing costs and environmental impact.

Truckload Services

We are experienced in handling full truckload shipments, where we can transport larger quantities of cargo efficiently and cost-effectively.

Bobtail Services

Our bobtail services are tailored to handle cargo with precision, ensuring safe and efficient transportation for a wide range of goods.

Our Happy Customers

"Squared Away Logistics is our go-to transportation partner. Their commitment to safety and reliability is unparalleled. They've consistently delivered our cargo on time, and their experienced team ensures that every shipment is handled with precision. We highly recommend their services."

Jane Smith






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